The PBC00-10782: An Effective Little Dog Nano No-Bark Collar

The PBC00-10782 is a little dog nano no-bark collar that incorporates micro technology for detecting the vibrations caused by a dog’s barking, which in turn activates the release of a small static charge. Being a perfect fit for small breeds, this innovative no bark collar offers a ‘Temperament Learning’ mode that automatically adjusts the correction level based on the dog’s temperament.

The state of the art perfect bark technique ensures that the correction is initiated only when the dog barks. It also has a tracking system that will let you keep score of the number of corrections that your dog needs in order to correct its behavior and reduce its barking, which can come pretty handy. Being light weighted, this no bark collar is equipped with a couple of LEDs to hint the low/good battery levels.

This collar offers 10 levels of correction, and it’s also resistant to water, so it can be worn during bad weather, like rain or snow. Also, the PBC00-10782 bark control collar includes an ID tag for your dog’s basic information, an RFA battery, and a small booklet with operation and training instructions. This small manual is very useful, and it’s worded in a way that even the new owners can easily understand how to use the collar to train their dogs. The limited warranty that comes with every purchase of this type of collar is another interesting feature worth mentioning.

If you decide to use the PBC00-10782, make sure that it fits your dog in a comfortable way and that it doesn’t hurt its skin. However, take into consideration that the no bark collar should only be used at times where barking is not acceptable. At most, the PBC-10782 should be used for a maximum of 10 hours per day.

Advantages of the little dog nano no-bark collar

Because it has several levels of correction, the PBC-10782 can adjust itself automatically to the correction needed for each dog’s temperament. The PBC00-10782 collars are durable and light weight. The patented perfect bark mechanism activates the correction when the dog’s barking sound is heard. Therefore, other sources of noise won’t activate it accidentally.

Our company’s PBC00-10782 is a great training collar designed for small breeds. It’s very light and resistant to water and use. We also guarantee our company’s little dog nano no-bark collar.

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