Dealing With Aggressive Behavior in Poodles

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Before we go any further, it should be mentioned that there are several things which can cause aggressive behavior in poodles. For example, it could have something to do with dominance between you and your dog, or it could also stem from some or other event which took place when the dog was still a puppy. Irrespective of what is causing the aggressive behavior, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. If left unchecked, aggression can often get steadily worse until it eventually reaches a point where your dog will be considered dangerous.

The Source of Aggressive Behavior in Poodles

Contrary to what many people believe, aggressive behavior in poodles can begin to manifest itself when a poodle is as young as six weeks, and in fact, that’s the exact age when a puppy should be socialized with other dogs and people. This is also when one needs to start teaching a poodle not to nip or bite, and even if progress is being made, this socialization needs to continue until the dog is at least fourteen weeks old.

What we can learn from this is that one should never remove a puppy from the litter before its eight weeks old. Harsh means of discipline should also be avoided, especially from eight weeks to ten weeks of age, bearing in mind that smacking and screaming as a form of punishment can and does often lead to aggressive behavior in poodles.

By the time a dog reaches the age of fourteen weeks, it should have been properly socialized, not only with other dogs, but also with people.

Aggressive behavior in poodles can also be heredity, or it could be due to genetics, hence the reason why some dog breeds are noticeably more aggressive than others. Interestingly enough, dogs which have been neutered or spayed tend to exhibit less aggression in general.

Even though there are so many things which can cause aggressive behavior in poodles, it’s usually their immediate environment which is the most to blame. It’s an undeniable fact that if a poodle lives in substandard conditions, has a harsh master, and has never been socialized, there is a strong possibility that it could attack another dog or even a person as it gets older.

Quite often, aggressive behavior in poodles happens because a they try to improve their status within the pack, and this is done by testing for dominance. This could result in a dog biting, but there are also other behaviors which would suggest a dog is trying to challenge your authority. This is exactly why it’s imperative that you establish yourself firmly as the pack leader. Establishing your position as alpha dog should be done when your dog is still a puppy, and it’s something you’ll need to keep reinforcing continuously and consistently.

Controlling and Eliminating Aggressive Behavior in Poodles

A dog reaches maturity at the age of fourteen months, and if it ever shows any sign of aggression from that point on, it will need to be dealt with immediately, and especially if the dog has already been neutered or spayed. One of the most important things you need to remember is that you should never reward a dog in any way if it shows any sign of aggression, even if you’re terrified of it.

Training your dog to obey your commands is crucial in terms of avoiding aggressive behavior in poodles. You should also make a point of controlling feeding times and walks, and in fact, all means of recreation. The dog needs to know beyond all doubt that there is already a strong, courageous leader in the home. The more slack you give your dog; the more likely it is to begin showing signs of aggression.

Some dogs also display what is known as “defensive-aggression”, in which case they may snap at a person purely because of fear. These dogs who display such behavior have never been properly socialized as puppies, and under no circumstances should they be allowed around small children without the necessary supervision. If this is a problem you’re having with your own poodle, it’s highly recommended that you start attending training sessions, or alternatively, you can seek help from someone who has experience in correcting aggressive behavior in poodles.

Aggressive behavior in poodles is far more common than what you may currently believe, but fortunately it’s something which can be rectified, even in older dogs. If however your poodle’s aggression turns to violence, then you would seriously have to consider hiring an experienced trainer, or alternatively, you would need to consider getting rid of your dog, bearing in mind that as the owner, you’re the one responsible if your dog ever harms anyone.

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