Poodle Mix

It wasn’t that long ago that Poodle breeders were horrified when their prize breeding dog got loose and started hanging around with some other dog that was a different breed. It didn’t matter if both of these dogs set the breed standard or were so well bred that they bled blue, the resulting puppies were nothing more then mutts and completely worthless to the breeder.

The reason dog breeders had this attitude was not only had they lost out on a breeding season but they knew they would never be able to sell the mixed breed of Poodle puppies. And the best the breeder could hope for was that they could give the puppies away. Those days are now well in the past. Today the Poodle mix are no longer called mutts; in today’s canine world the mixed breed puppies are given the illustrious title of designer dogs. Dog lovers can’t seem to get enough of these mixed breed dogs.

While Designer Dogs will still have some risk for purebred genetic issues, the risk is greatly diminished because of the mixing of the gene pool. Poodle Mixes are among the most popular Designer Dogs being bred lately.

Two of the main reasons people are interested in Poodle Mixes is because of the superior intelligence and low shedding traits of the poodle. These two characteristics usually give way to an easily trainable dog without all of the hair to clean up. These are the main reasons why many are choosing a poodle mix for their first dog.

When choosing a mixed breed dog it is important to research the traits associated with the two parent breeds as the traits of most mixed breed dogs are not well documented as of yet. The key to cross breeding purebred dogs is what is called hybrid vigor. This means it will hopefully result in a healthier dog with superior genetic constitution, and minimizing the common genetic disorders that can occur from dogs purebred for so long.

The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed.

Popular mixed breeds of Poodles include:
Shitzu Poodle
Bichon Poodle
Yorkie Poodle
Chihuahua Poodle

Purchasing a Poodle mix puppy is not an event that should be entered into lightly. This puppy will grow up and become a part of your family, its critical you get one that’s right for you. Try to find somebody in your neighborhood that already owns a dog that has a similar breeding to what you are considering getting. Ask what their experiences with the dog have been. See if you can spend some time with the dog, while visiting with the mixed breed poodle try to imagine it in your home. Invest some time researching both breeds. Some puppies bear a stronger resemblance to one of the breeds than it will to the other breed

The puppy’s breeders will be able to tell you about how fast the puppies learn, what kind of diet is best, and the health problems they typically have to deal with. It is important to get to know the puppy’s parents. Remember that if the parent’s have strange personality quirks they will most likely be passed on to your puppy. Make sure you are confident with your choice of mixed breed puppy before you bringing it home.

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