Poodle Potty Training

One of the less than wonderful things about getting a new puppy is having to housebreak it. Luckily, poodles are intelligent and most pick up on where you want them to urinate and defecate quickly. Even if the poodle puppy knows where it is supposed to go, however, it may still have accidents due to the immaturity of its little bladder.

The basic rules for poodle housebreaking are as follows:

Decide Where You Want the Poodle to Eliminate

Before you ever bring your puppy home, you should know where you want your poodle to go potty. This should be the first place it sees, even before you bring it into the house. When the poodle urinates or defecates in the right spot, pet and praise it.

Use Crate Training

Poodle puppies view their crates as a den. Their instinct is to keep the den clean, so they will try to control bowel and bladder until they are out of the den. Place your puppy in its crate during the night and for a few minutes after each meal. Then immediately take it the elimination spot. The puppy should go potty right away. When it does, give it plenty of praise.

Stay on Schedule

If possible, take your poodle puppy to the same spot at the same times every day. While your puppy is small, you’ll probably need to schedule several visits to the potty site. As it gets older and more able to control bowel and bladder functions, the number of visits will decrease.

Watch for Cues

Your puppy may let you know through its behavior when it has to go. Common signs of a full bladder include restlessness and uneasiness, sniffing about the house looking for its “spot,” and hanging around the door. Take the hint and get your puppy to the elimination site right away. As always, praise your puppy for doing the right thing.

Clean Accident Sites Thoroughly

If you come upon an accident, clean it up and use deodorizer to mask the smell. Puppies rely on their nose to tell them where to potty. If they can pick up the scent of urination or defecation in the house, they’ll go back to that spot and do the same thing again.

If you do find an accident, don’t rub the puppy’s nose in it, don’t hit the puppy, and don’t yell at it. Too much time has passed for effective correction. Even if you think the puppy looks guilty, it’s probably just anxious from picking up on your anger.

If You Catch Your Puppy in the Act

If you come upon your puppy about to do, or doing, its business on the floor, say, “No!” in a firm voice. Scoop the puppy up and whisk it outside to its designated spot. When it completes the job in the right place, give it plenty of praise.

Housebreaking an intelligent puppy like the poodle is not very difficult.

Some people who want poodles, however, prefer to avoid the whole puppy scene altogether. They are interested inĀ poodle rescue/adoption.

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