Poodle Temperament

Poodles generally have delightful temperaments. They are intelligent, learn tricks quickly, and love showing off what they can do. Poodles are lively and playful. While some dogs may be content with a few minutes of attention a day, poodles typically demand much more of your time and energy. The poodle owner must constantly be thinking up new games and challenges to keep the poodle interested.

Poodles are loyal, often bonding quickly and deeply with one person or family. They will then be heartbroken if that bond is severed. Poodles are often shy around people they don’t know, but they are rarely aggressive. Barking is about the worst they’ll do. Poodles also tend to get along well with other animals in the home, as long as they are introduced properly.

Poodles want to please their owners, and thrive on praise and physical affection. Poodles are sensitive and very quick to pick up on their owner’s moods. If you’re having a bad day, your poodle may become upset as well. Because poodles are so sensitive, they often make excellent watch dogs, barking to alert their owner if anything is amiss.

Poodles typically conduct themselves with dignity and carry themselves proudly, as if they know very well exactly how beautiful they are. As long as all is well with the people they love, the poodle’s temperament is generally cheerful. Some poodle owners swear that their pets have a sense of humor, and others claim that their poodle seems to know what they want before they ever give a command.

Poodle Temperament Negatives

Of course no dog is perfect, and poodles are no exception. While generally of pleasant temperament, they may be high strung, especially if they have not been socialized well as puppies. The high strung poodle will be excessively shy around people it doesn’t know and will often demand an inordinate amount of attention from its owners. High strung dogs also tend to be barkers, sounding the alarm at any small thing that deviates from the ordinary.

Even a poodle who is not particularly high strung will place high demands on your time and attention, and will feel slighted if not included in family activities. A poodle who is ignored may seek attention in negative ways, for instance, by leaving you a “surprise” in your shoe or chewing up your favorite slippers.

In rare cases, a neglected or over-pampered pool may become “nippy” with people he or she does not recognize.

If you can give the poodle the socialization and intellectual stimulation it needs, chances are you will have a pet whose temperament is beyond reproof.

Now that you know what a poodle’s temperament is like, it’s time to consider the physical appearance of the poodle.

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