Red Poodle

Many people are surprised by the multiple different types of dogs that fall under the poodle category. When you say poodle people automatically think of the miniature poodle. They also tend to think of poodles as white. While white is a popular poodle color there are many more colors. Perhaps the most rare and unique color for a poodle is red.

That’s right, there is such a thing as a red poodle. These gorgeous animals are a relatively new addition to the poodle family in America. The shade of red that poodles have is deeper and richer than the more common apricot. It is also a completely different shade from that of brown poodles. A red poodle has a more rust colored coat than its brown counterparts.


While most people think there are only miniature or toy poodles, poodles actually come in quite a few sizes. A standard poodle is the biggest of the breed and it comes to about 15 inches at adult shoulder height. The other sizes are medium, miniature, and toy. The size of the red poodle you decide to take home depends entirely on your preference.

If you prefer big dogs then the standard poodle is perfect for you. If you have space constraints then a miniature or toy poodle is perfect for you. The very first red poodles were bigger than miniature poodles but smaller than standard poodles. You might still find a red poodle about this size today, as this in between size has become accepted by some people as part of the breed.


If you do not have much experience with red poodles it can be easy to mistake an apricot or brown poodle for the true red that you have in mind. Some people or unscrupulous breeders may also try and sell you a poodle that is apricot or brown; assuring you that the color will grow darker as the puppy gets older. The truth is you can tell when a puppy is a red poodle right away, once you have seen what a real red looks like there is no mistaking it for an apricot or brown one.

In fact some poodles actually have coats that fade or ‘clear’ as it is sometimes called as they get older. This will depend on the individual dog, but some reds stay red well into old age. If you want to find a true red poodle then you might want to look for a breeder dedicated to breeding red poodles. A dedicated breeder will have perfected the right coloring and will know what a true red poodle looks like.

This particular coat color is still not very common and for this reason you are better finding a breeder who has specialized in breeding red poodles. It will be hard for you to find a red poodle from just any breeder. It will be even harder to find such a poodle at a pet store; furthermore you should avoid buying from pet stores. Talk to any poodle breeders you may have come across about other breeders who are fans of reds.


Poodles do not have a double coat unlike many other breeds. This fact often leads to their coats being referred to as hair rather than fur. Poodles also shed very minimally, however these are not considered to be completely hypoallergenic dogs. While allergy sufferers might fare well with a red poodle, severe allergy sufferers might not be able to tolerate the light shedding of the poodle.

Due to the nature of the poodles’ coat it needs regular grooming. This means not only will you have to brush your dog regularly, but you will probably also need to take it to the groomers. If you intend to show your dog then you will have to have your red poodles coat trimmed into a style.

Depending on where you are showing your poodle there are different styles that you must follow when showing a dog. At the moment there have only been three red poodles to be US champions when it comes to showing. This makes these dogs all the more alluring. If you would like to have a crack at owning the next US champion then start looking for a reputable breeder.

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