Shitzu Poodle

If you want a pet that is as small and beautiful as it is well behaved, then you should definitely consider investing in a shitzu poodle. There is a reason that these animals are becoming more and more popular in today’s day and age. These animals are great for people who have limited space or want a small dog that can easily be taken on a walk or traveled with. In fact, a shih tzu poodle is said to be one of the safest choices a family with young children can make. And of course, you really can not deny how cute and beautiful these little dogs are. A shitzu poodle is sure to be a successful addition to any family. There are a number of places to look if you want a shitzu poodle. The following are just some of the best places to look to find the right dog for you.


One of the first things you should do if you want a shitzu poodle is to look online. Here, you can find a number of excellent resources to help you track down the right shitzu poodle for you and your life. The first thing to do is to look for websites that focus on this beautiful dog. Here, you can find recommendations for breeders and organizations that can help you hunt down a shitzu poodle of your very own. This way, you can be sure that you are finding a dog from a reputable source.

Next, perform a basic Internet search. You never know who is selling or looking to give away a shitzu poodle. A basic search will definitely help you find such people. Many breeders have websites nowadays. These websites will do everything from explain how they raise such animals to the different breeds they have. Here, you can be sure to find the right shih tzu poodle for you and your life. A breeder may not have a shih tzu poodle at the time of your research, but if you contact him or her, they could keep a look out for you and help you track one down as soon as possible.


Another stellar resource to use is the local newspapers and magazines. This is a popular way for individuals to give away shih tzu poodle puppies. Often, people do not always check the classifieds section, so you will have a good shot at hunting down a shih tzu poodle this way. Since these folks are generally shitzu poodle owners and not professional breeders, you can probably find a great price for the dog and will know exactly where the animal is coming from and how it has been raised. This makes finding a shitzu poodle of your very own that much easier.

Ask People

All you have to do is go to a park, and you will eventually see a shitzu poodle. Consider going up to the owner to see where they found their dog. They may know private breeders or may even have a shitzu poodle they are looking to give away to a good home. This way, you can ask about the owner’s experience with the breeder, agency, or place they found their dog and may find yet another source of shitzu poodles.

Try a Pet Store

Another great way to find the right shitzu poodle for you is to contact your local pet store. These stores may already have these beautiful dogs in stock. If they do not have any on hand, you can always talk to the manager to see if they can hunt one down for you. There are some pet stores that can special order you a shitzu poodle, so you should definitely get into contact with the manager of this store.

Additionally, the employees at such a store may know about people in the area who are selling or giving away a shitzu poodle. Thus, you should always take the time to ask them if they have any advice for how to hunt down the dog of you choice.

Lastly, pet stores are great because they are hubs for dog lovers. Many such stores will have bulletin boards where people advertise services and products. You may be able to find a shitzu poodle from such an advertisement or announcement.

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