Toy Poodle Breeders

The toy poodle breed is a breed that is the small version of the standard poodle. There is a standard for the small or toy size of poodle that toy poodle breeders must adhere to in order for their dogs to pass show standards as well as breed standards. The standards for toy poodle breeders to keep are not usually the same for most countries but are the same within each country. There are standards, though, that are similar or commonly kept by major countries which many toy poodle breeders adhere to. In some countries, the miniature and toy sizes are mixed together while in some others, they are entirely different categories.

Breed Standard

The breed standard for toy poodle breeders can be seen mainly in the size of the dog although almost all other characteristics are the same for all sizes. In most countries, the toy poodle breeders should produce toy poodles with the measurement of 11 inches and under that while other countries start their minimum height at 10 inches. The proportion of the dog should be there and should be a constant to the standard. The height of the poodle or any other dog breed is usually measured at the shoulders or what is commonly known as withers. This is a mistake that some people not in the know may make with regards to the height of the dog; they measure from the top of the head instead of the height of the withers.

The hair of the toy poodle lacks the undercoat of most dog breeds. It can be compared to human hair in some aspects but this is more dense and naturally curly. Many toy poodle breeders prefer to cut their dogs’ hair in the traditional continental while others just groom it naturally. There are no defined rules regarding how the toy poodle breeder must present their dog with regards to hair cut. Tail docking used to be quite popular with many toy poodle breeders before but recently there has been some concerns regarding cruelty to the dogs. Docking is illegal in the United Kingdom but still legal in the United States of America, where the tail should be carried high and straight and sufficiently docked to ensure a balance outline.

Breed Temperament

The poodle breed in general has the same temperament throughout all its sizes. Often touted as a highly intelligent breed, the poodle can be over enthusiastic at times but this can be curbed with the right training and activity. Without proper supervision and guidance, the breed is prone to mischief. Toy poodle breeders should avoid breeding dogs which are prone to snapping and manifest extreme shyness or snappishness since these traits can be dangerous especially for families with children. This breed is basically one of the easiest to train as well as one of the more obedient dogs. Toy poodles may be a bit wary of children in comparison to both the medium and large sizes, maybe due to its smaller size although this is not a general rule for all toy poodle dogs.

Responsible Toy Poodle Breeders

Toy poodle breeders should be responsible enough to know the limitations that their dogs have. Usually top toy poodle breeders know the right interval for breeding toy poodles as well as the necessary traits that should be in the matched pair to ensure that the result are puppies that conform to breed standards and are of balance temperament. Toy poodle breeders should be responsible for the quality of dogs that they breed. There are certain conditions that are undesirable in particular dogs which should not be passed down to future generations. Responsible toy poodle breeders should be able to recognize any physical and temperamental characteristics that are undesirable in dogs in general and stop the spread of this through responsible breeding.

There are also some conditions which are quite common for some poodle dogs no matter the size. Toy poodle breeders can circumvent the spread of some diseases and condition through selective breeding but this may be somewhat difficult to do if the other breeder is not forthcoming with regards to their poodle’s health. There are puppy mills that breed toy poodles smaller in spite of breed standards to please individuals who are looking for teacup or pocket sized versions of the poodles. Toy poodle breeders who act out of monetary gain are not responsible breeders and can be compared to puppy mill pet shop breeders.

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