The Yorkie Poodle

When it comes to choosing a pet for the home, there are a number of options to consider.  Some of those pet options include a cat, bird, exotic animal, etc.  However, by far, it seems that one of the most popular pets for the home is a dog.

Therefore, if considering a dog there are some important factors to take into consideration.  Some of those options include the size of the dog, the known tempermant of the breed, whether it is an easily trainable dog, etc.

For example, if an individual wants a dog to provide security for the home they may consider a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd. Or if the owner of the home is a sporting enthusiast they may choose a beagle or bloodhound in regards to their hunting needs.

However, there are those owners who simply wish to have a companion inside the home and one that will play with the children or simply jump onto the laps of the members of the family. Therefore, the family or individual may wish to select a dog that is considered a house dog.

Subsequently, one of the breeds to consider that is popular today is the poodle.  In fact, the poodle breed has fallen within the popular ten breeds that individuals and families consider for their home. Additioally, within the poodle breed there are specific categories.  Those three categories include the Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodle.

Also, a potential pet owner may wish to look at cross breeds.  One such cross breed is a Yorkie Poodle.  Therefore, if considering this type of breed, it is important to know what is a Yorkie Poodle and what are the pros and cons of owning this breed.

What Is A Yorkie Puppy?

A Yorkie puppy is a cross breed between two different breeds of dogs.  Those two breeds are the Yorkshire terrier and the poodle.  Generally, the breed of poodle that creates the Yorkshire puppy is either a miniature or toy poodle

Consequently, the resulting animal is a cute, adorable creature that is small in nature.  In fact, they are called purse or pocket dogs.

Generally, the Yorkie Poodle can range in weight that starts at four to ten pounds.  Additionally, because the mix of the Yorkie Poodle is usually 50/50, this hybrid animal can be officially registered by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Also, when it comes to the coloring of a Yorkie Poodle there are a number of variations.  Some of those color variations can include the color of brown, white or black.  Additionally, the Yorkie Poodle may be solid in color or may be a combination of these colors. In addition, the Yorkie Poodle may be golden red or brown.

Pros Of Owning A Yorkie Puppy

There are many advantages of owning a Yorkie puppy.  Some of those advantages are practical in nature and some advantages include the fact that this particular dog is so adorable.

Some of the practical reasons that an individual may wish to consider in owning a Yorkie Poodle is that the animals are very intelligent.  Subsequently, this intelligence allows for the dog to be easily trained.

Another practical reason for owning a Yorkie Poodle is that this breed of pet has a mild disposition.  Therefore, the dog is very gentle, friendly and especially good with families who have children.  Also, because the Yorkie Poodle has a good disposition, this particular breed of animal reacts well with other types of dogs.

One other practical advantage of owning a Yorkie Poodle is the cleanliness of the animal.  Specifically, the Yorkie Poodle does not shed.  Therefore, the owner does not worry about loose hair on the carpet or furniture.  In addition, because this type of poodle does not shed, there is less opportunity for this pet to be a problem for those who suffer from allergies.

Other advantages of owning a Yorkie Poodle are emotional in nature.  Specifically, the dog is so cute and cuddly that the family will lovingly care for the pet and friends and strangers will consistently give attention to the dog and owners.

Another major emotional advantage to owning a Yorkie Poodle is that this particular dog always maintains its puppy like countenance. Therefore, it seems that the owners of this type of dog never get tired of is appearance or cuddliness. Subsequently, the pet is always given attention and maintains it’s viability within the home.

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